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Charlotte Graham is a professional photographer based in the north of England. Her unique combination of technical and creative photographic talent combined with a desire to create the very best image possible from any scenario makes her in demand with both international press and businesses alike. 
Charlotte has a passion for her native Yorkshire and works regularly with businesses across the county to create compelling marketing images that reach out to news editors looking for a photo story, as well as across social media channels, websites and print marketing. 
Charlotte’s dynamic style and creative use of ‘off-camera’ strobe lighting has earned her a reputation in the national press as being someone who goes beyond the standard ‘press’ image to create dynamic, eye catching images. 
You will see here work published regularly in The Telegraph, The Times and The Observer broadsheets, as well as gracing the covers of leading tourism and leisure attractions and entertainment venues. 


As someone who is a very visual person, Charlotte openly admits to hating writing. She knows exactly what she would like to say about her images and how she creates them, though she struggles to find the motivation to hit the keyboard. 
Blogs written in the third person can sometimes seem pretentious. Everyone who’s met Charlotte will attest to the fact that she is far from that. Instead, she has an invisible, tame ghost writer who pesters and cajoles her into providing the fun facts that become her blog posts. 


Winner of the SME 2019 – Commercial Photographer of the Year 2019, Winner Highly Recommended O2 Awards 2018 Yorkshire & Humber, Shortlisted for the O2 Awards for Yorkshire & Humber in Photography, Shortlisted for Photographer of the Year representing the Daily Telegraph 2019, Shortlisted For “York Culture Awards 2018” “Outstanding Visual Artist”, Yorkshire & Humber Enterprise Winner Best Commercial Photographer 2018 
CAG Photography Ltd Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) - UAS 11553 - CAA 
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