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It’s the time of year when Daffodils are blooming everywhere. And as Easter approaches, you’ll find them in our shops in ever increasing numbers. And for Simon Taylor of Taylors Bulbs, it’s a busy time. 
Following the Farewell Tornado shoot, Charlotte came across these fields of Daffodils in Lincolnshire and realised the symmetry of the plant8ing and the contrasting colours made for a very dynamic image. 
Simon Taylor happily obliged for the pictures that follow and The Daily Telegraph loved the shots, running with one of them the following day. 
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Winner of the SME 2019 – Commercial Photographer of the Year 2019, Winner Highly Recommended O2 Awards 2018 Yorkshire & Humber, Shortlisted for the O2 Awards for Yorkshire & Humber in Photography, Shortlisted for Photographer of the Year representing the Daily Telegraph 2019, Shortlisted For “York Culture Awards 2018” “Outstanding Visual Artist”, Yorkshire & Humber Enterprise Winner Best Commercial Photographer 2018 
CAG Photography Ltd Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) - UAS 11553 - CAA 
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