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Monday was a good start to the week, well it always starts with a Monday, Up at 4am, checking the weather and then, a quick shower and dress dog walk, Shredded Wheat, and some nice cool milk, and decision which way do I go, North, South, East, West….. 
So into the car, I drive a Mercedes, Kit in the bags, Nikon, thats a D4 x 2, F2.8 70- 200mm and a 14-24mm its my choice tend not to use anything else. Press Photographers creatures of Habit, I hear you say. Nikon Girl, (For Now) 
So done the road, up the hill, round the corner, hit the M1, north or south, lets go north, ringing in my ears is, I need Autumn Pictures mmmmm, I know Studley Royal, They have Deers, and Stags, is it rutting season has, are the leaves turning, is it cold, frosty !! 
Time is ticking up the motorway, I am thinking OH NO its Sunrise, I am still 4 miles away, Tractors, at this time of the morning. 
Then the Suns up, Bugger, missed it, arrived at Study, over the cattle grid, the suns rising, in my head I am thinking to late, Park up where I usually park, look out the window and go wow. SNAP Got it !!! 
Stag Reaches for Acorns in the Morning Light 
Wow What an image, Thanks Nikon, it worked, it didn’t fail and I got what I wanted 
Being a press photographer, it not where it ends, when you have the shot, now the sell, various editor do you want these, Nope send em out !! so I did used by the Daily Mail, MSN News, Daily Mirror, all online its worth a few Pennies 
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