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Tuesday Routine, Up Early, Shower, Dress, Walk the Dog, she is my Love, and the feed me and the dog, not going to repeat the routine lol, Press photographers, have to check the internet, saves buying a lot of paper, so it means we are kind to the environment, why hey, I am eco friendly !! 
Looks in the paper and WOW, Gob smocked is an understatement !!!! 
I had to Look Twice, its always Nice to have a pic in print !! 
Bugger is that the time, I had noticed with all the rain we had had, while walking the dog, The temperature had dropped in the early morning, and did think ooooh Inversion, now where can I go, well, Gotta be the High Peaks, walking boots on and in the car, its a Mercedes !! and off I go Nikon Kit in the bag 
Well Arrived at my usual place, Had driven through a little fog, out the car, Cameras on the shoulders, and away up the hill, with some heavy breathing, not that I am unfit, got to the top, OH MY WHAT IS THIS !!! 
Photographers Out in Force! Yep there was 40 at least but they were Canon Users !!! 
Canon Users Every Where 
Even with nice Canon Jackets 
Gonna have to do this right, Better get the Nikon working then, So after a few shots, and a chat no coffee though, Battled on and got a few images, from Mam Tor, in the High Peak, Derbyshire, Has to be one of the Most places photographed, even I couldn’t go wrong. A couple of Results Below 
Fog & Mist from the Inversion, making its way through the Trees 
Stunning Views from Mam Tor, in the High Peak 
So by 0730, that was it, needed coffee, needed food, and had an edit to do !! 
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