When you get up on in a morning, jump in the shower, wash, brush your hair and teeth, get dressed in your good (and ironed) clothes, apply makeup, etc, before heading to work, all these steps are taken with the idea in mind of presenting a professional appearance for yourself in your workplace. With so much constant effort investing in highlighting a professional front, it is perhaps surprising how often poor quality portraits are put forward to represent the public faces of many organisations. photography & headshot

First Impressions Count
When presenting yourself and your business in the marketplace, through websites, social media, or printed materials, your portrait image will often be the first thing that a potential client will see. This image is the first opportunity to catch someones eye, and to help them develop a good first impression about you and the business you work for.

The Rise of the “Selfie”
The popularity of the “selfie” has sky-rocked in recent times. At the same time, so have the number of negative comments surrounding them.

Whilst a good selfie (or even better, a more considered self-portrait) can be used for effect in telling a story about your business, they should be used sparingly, and only in that context. To do more can risk the idea that you are more focused on yourself than your customers as suggested by “Beware the Selfie”. On the positive side for a selfie is the Legitimate Business Case for their use, though this case is not for using them as a portrait.

Hire a professional photographer (ideally me, but any other good one will do).